The Libertines – The Libertines (August 2004)

Peter Doherty’s been hung up on drugs, and despite their constant fighting they aren’t making fight music anymore.  Carl can’t stand him now.  Yeah, they’re a bit too washed out to be angry.  That doesn’t mean they can’t be deep, of course.  In fact, they get to be more unique.  They develop their guitar-driven style on songs like What Katie Did and What Became Of The Likely Lads, which sounds like a greatly-improved version of The Offspring’s The Kids Aren’t Alright.  After this album, which matches Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers as the sound of one coming apart in the studio, this marvelous band would predictably implode.  “The blood runs thicker.  Oh, we’re thick as thieves, you know!  If it’s important to you.”  Yeah, right.  Why would it be?  “Yes, it’s important to me.”  Oh.  So these two who keep beating the snot out of each other live onstage hold some good feelings towards each other.  “I try to make you see, but you don’t want to know.”  Their relationship keeps getting sicker and sicker.  Finally, they close the climaxing song with a kiss goodbye.  “Oh, what became of forever?  We’ll never know.”  This album is paranoid, aggressive, and filled with tension, but that’s the most satisfying ending I’ve ever really heard.


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