A Re-Introduction

Lately I have been thinking about changing the layout and mission of my site, and I think I’ll go ahead and do some of that over the next few weeks.  Last night, after checking the traffic of this site, I noticed that I had my biggest surge of hits ever (still shy of two hundred in one day, but I’ll take it).  It appears that after a friend of mine insulted a column by Roger Ebert while using my email address and website, Roger “motherfucking” Ebert praised my blog despite the negativity that “I” displayed towards him.This made me positively giddy, and for a while I simply could not stop smiling.  View the fourth and fifth comments on this page. I potentially have a new readership.  Might as well address it before it trickles away.

My name is Joey Daniewicz, and I write the column “On Your Headphones” for The University of Minnesota Morris’s paper, The University Register.  I’m a freshman math major who plays guitar, bass, and limited piano.  My iTunes library currently has over 21,000 songs on it, all of which I consider in the realm of “modern music ” (classical is a blind-spot of mine, I’m afraid).  I don’t listen only to modern music and I’m flabbergasted whenever someone refers to a song from 1997 as old.  I also would rather avoid the label of a “classic rocker”.  I treat all eras of modern music in equal measure, or at least I do my very best.  Robert Christgau is my favorite music critic, and you should definitely check out his work.  I also frequent the reviews of Pitchfork and The A.V. Club, and every weekday I check the news sections of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone furiously.

I tend to be a bit of a snob about my taste in music, but that’s because I possess enough confidence in my own opinions to be firm about them.  This can be off-putting to some (those who claim to love music but don’t care enough to explore it, for instance), but to others it can be charming, because when I start talking about a subject that I’m as knowledgeable in and enthusiastic about as music, I become very articulate and invested in conversation.  If you ask me for some of my favorite bands, I simply will not be able to stop.  After The Clash, The Replacements, The Beatles, The Hold Steady, The Velvet Underground, and Pavement, I list countless others until those around me begin to appear bored.

Anyway, I’ve been planning on making some changes with the site.  Some different features that I have in mind include a “First Take” segment where I listen to a new (often leaked) album for the first time and offer a few ideas.  These will probably be short and up to a paragraph long.  My reviews of new music will continue, including my articles published in The University Register, and some of those might take a little while.  For instance, my overview of January included short comments about many albums, but did you really think that I would leave my comments on Four Tet, The Magnetic Fields, and Los Campesinos! all to one jam-packed sentence?  I still plan on giving full reviews of these albums, and I should probably begin to catch up on doing this while toy around with the site tomorrow.  I will also review older albums at my leisure (I’m really digging The Feelies’ Crazy Rhythms right now).  Also, I’ll occasionally come out with my lists (many of which, including the best songs and albums of 2009 and the best songs and albums of the decade, are currently in the works), and hopefully they’ll be a bit more interesting than my now out-of-date Best Of 2000 post, which would appear completely different if I submitted it today.  I will also be putting some of my more half-assed articles into a backlog of older submissions.

Now, while I work hard on possibly finding an actual audience outside of my family and close friends, I need to ask something of anyone reading this: if you are reading this blog and you at all enjoy what you see, please keep reading.  RSS this page, add it to your favorites, do whatever.  Please tell your friends.  The simple idea of even one additional person reading these means the world to me.

While lack of audience has kept me somewhat apathetic to this blog, new circumstances have me fired up and ready to provide even the smallest amount of people with a high quantity of high quality writing.  I have a lot to say, and it would be great if someone listened.

-Joey Daniewicz

Also, comments are always appreciated.

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