Grade Explanations

Perhaps my first order of business in revamping this site is to reconfirm what my grades mean.  See that side bar over there under Search By Grade?  A Major, A Middle, A Minor, and so on?  Yeah, there’s a reason for that.  This allows the grades to be displayed in descending order both qualitatively and alphabetically.  Major means plus, middle means even, and minor means minus.  That shouldn’t be too hard.

Now allow me to demonstrate what each grade means, first in one word and then in one sentence.

A+: Phenomenal.  A+ albums come maybe two to five times every ten years, and they are albums that you can listen to again and again without ever tiring of.

A: Exceptional.  A albums are considered by me to be “perfect”, and you might get around two to five A albums every year.

A-: Great.  An A- album can turn into a temporary obsession, but minor flaws and more limited lasting power keep it from receiving a higher grade.

B+: Very good.  A B+ is usually the minimum grade for an album to appear on a year-end list of mine, and I often revisit these albums to see if I can ever salvage a higher opinion of them.

B: Good.  A B is an album that I like, and if I hear a high enough opinion of it, I’ll revisit it, but I certainly have my beefs with these albums.

B-: Decent.  A B- album is usually an album with a few choice songs surrounded by tolerable but unremarkable filler.

C+: Okay.  This album isn’t bad, but I certainly will never call it good.

C: Mediocre.  This album is boring, bland, and the works, and “average” might be the kindest thing I have to say about it.

C-: Bad.  Unremarkable, hackneyed, et cetera.

D+: Dreadful.  Maybe one song that I kind of like might be on this, but I am really mad at these releases and those that subject me to them.

D: Grating.  Dreadful might seem worse, but grating albums have something new to hate maybe ever five seconds.

D-: Excruciating. The idea that people are enjoying an album this bad makes me pessimistic about the future of mankind.  There is nothing good about this album.

F: Infectious.  An F is as bad as a D-, but it has the added effect of actually reversing the advancement of music as we know it.

Later today, I will post a revised A list.

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