Odd Blood – Yeasayer (February 2010)

After coming off of 2007’s strange, and I mean really, really strange, All Hour Cymbals, Yeasayer decides to broaden the appeal of their psychedelia.  Think Merriweather Post Pavilion, except with more over-the-top and infectious beats reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall or Bad.  However, for how agreeable the album is, a few people take beef with some of its less interesting lyrics.  The penultimate song, “Mondegreen”, has a lyric that cynics like to bring up.  It goes “everybody’s talking ‘bout me and my baby making love to the morning light”, but I’m still not sure what they’re talking about.  Sure, written down the line is pretty unremarkable, but it’s not like it came out of Owl City.

Oh, and then the lyric makes the vocal so grabbing.  The reason that simple choruses like “you’re stuck in my mind/all of the time” and “stick up for yourself son/never mind what anybody else done” work is because Keating can sing them so convincingly.  His voice sounds like a more controlled David Longstreth (Dirty Projectors).

The main song to discuss here is the ruthlessly catchy “Ambling Alp”, which is dominating some of the hipper radio stations out there.  Like Animal Collective’s “Brother Sport”, “Ambling Alp” gleefully tackles topics relating to youth.  Also like “Brother Sport”, “Ambling Alp” makes you need to dance.  The dance songs don’t stop with “Ambling Alp”, though.  Songs like “ONE” and “Love Me Girl”, two of the songs on the album that remind me most of The King Of Pop, might actually make a dance floor friendly to indie weirdness.

Each of the ten songs has a masterfully crafted hook, making for an album that you won’t soon tire of.  Considering how poppy their music has become on only their sophomore album, expect Yeasayer to attempt to achieve even broader appeal on the next outing.  Yeasayer’s psychedelic dance album Odd Blood is hard to resist.  So don’t.


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