Celebration Rock – Japandroids (June 2012)

Coming in plain sight at this album’s most thrilling moment—on “Adrenaline Nightshift,” Brian King declares “death’s got no respect for love, and youth no respect for me”—is their greatest flaw: they see death as the other side of youth.  Heaven vs. Hell being the other duality they’re obsessed with, they yell like Hell to the Heavens (an improvement over debut Post-Nothing both in volume and in spirit) until they have anything to live for, so this is eight songs from a duo who doubt they can keep going the way they’re living and would rather die than slow down.  Aside from a Gun Club cover they drench in sweat and a closer that’s the solitary song whose thunder is discontinuous, Celebration Rock is built on muscled, no-frills guitar blasts and huge choruses screamed with such conviction there’s no way King cares about the headaches he’s getting.  Really, these are the same terrified boys who left town and quit girls, but they think “you’re not mine to die for anymore, so I must live” and approach every instant with equal urgency.  On the best track, they beg for a “younger us” like their youth depends on it.


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