Expert Witness Pazz & Jop: Top 28 Songs

Robert Christgau’s MSN blog, Expert Witness, has a comment section filled with some of the best music discussion I’ve come across.  I hosted a poll of commenters’ favorite albums and songs of 2011.  Users voted for at most ten songs, with the songs ranked here by number of mentions.  Fifty-one ballots were cast, and while all fifty-one ballots mentioned ten albums, some ballots mentioned no songs at all.  Listed are those who voted for each song and those who put them in their first place slots.

Click the pictures to listen to the songs!


4 mentions

“Yoü and I” – Lady GaGa

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Jon LaFollette, Mark926, Nate Smith

you and i

“We Found Love” – Rihanna

Voters: Mitch Fujita, Josh Palmes, Nate Smith, Dan Weber

we found love

“Short Dress Gal” – Carolina Chocolate Drops/Luminescent Orchestrati

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Glen Hadwen, Brad Luen, Michael Swallop

short dress gal

“Rocket Scientist” (featuring Eve) – Teddybears

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Jimmy Cook, Mike Imes, Alex Wolf

rocket scientist

“Remind Me” (featuring Carrie Underwood) – Brad Paisley

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Michael Tatum, Alex Wilson, Joe Yanosik

remind me

“Powa” – tUnE-yArDs

Voters: Philip Brasor, Jason Gubbels, Ryan Maffei, Alex Wolf


“Novacane” – Frank Ocean

Voters: Christopher Monsen, Ioannis Sotirchos, Jerry Withrow, Joe Yanosik


“No Banker Left Behind” – Ry Cooder

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Rob Cooper, John Smallwood, Ioannis Sotirchos

no banker

“Michael Jackson” – Das Racist

Voters: Jimmy Cook, Joey Daniewicz, Brad Luen, Michael Tatum

michael jackson

“I Luv Ur Sneakers” – Poly Styrene

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Jimmy Cook, Liam Smith, Alex Wolf

i luv ur sneakers

“How I Roll” – Britney Spears

Voters: Mike Imes, Mark926, Raul Roque, Michael Swallop

how i roll

“Hair” – Lady GaGa

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Jimmy Cook, Dan Weber, Alex Wolf


“Countdown” – Beyoncé

Voters: Kevin John Bozelka, Joey Daniewicz, Mikes Imes, Ioannis Sotirchos

First-place mentions: Kevin John Bozelka, Joey Daniewicz


“A Man Don’t Have to Die” – Brad Paisley

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Mark926, John Smallwood, Michael Swallop

First-place mentions: Michael Swallop

a man don't

“212″ (featuring Lazy Jay) – Azealia Banks

Voters: Kevin John Bozelka, Brad Luen, Christopher Monsen, Dan Weiss

First-place mentions: Christopher Monsen



5 mentions

“One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)” – Wilco

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Jason Gubbels, Chris Hurst, Michael Tatum, Jerry Withrow

the whole love

“Gagner l’Argent Français” – Mamani Keita

Voters: Chris Hurst, Liam Smith, Rodney Taylor, Alex Wolf, Joe Yanosik


“Fine Tune” – Miranda Lambert

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Justin (Marcus2010), Ryan Maffei, John Smallwood, Michael Swallop

four the record

“Bizness” – tUnE-yArDs

Voters: Mitch Fujita, Jon LaFollette, John Smallwood, Michael Tatum, Alex Wilson

First-place mentions: Mitch Fujita



6 mentions

“Waiting for Kirsten” – Jens Lekman

Voters: Richard Cobeen, Glen Hadwen, Brad Luen, Ryan Maffei, David Schweitzer, John Smallwood

First-place mentions: Brad Luen, David Schweitzer

an argument

“Religious Songs” – Withered Hand

Voters: Rob Cooper, Nick Farruggia, Glen Hadwen, Brad Luen, Dan Weber, Alex Wolf

First-place mentions: Dan Weber


“No Church in the Wild” (featuring Frank Ocean) – Jay-Z & Kanye West

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Glen Hadwen, David Schweitzer, John Smallwood, Michael Tatum, Joe Yanosik

no church


7 mentions

“You Know the Night” – Jackson Browne

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Glen Hadwen, Chris Hurst, John Smallwood, Dan Weber, Jerry Withrow, Joe Yanosik

First-place mentions: Jeff Callahan, John Smallwood, Jerry Withrow

you know

“The Afterlife” – Paul Simon

Voters: Philip Brasor, Richard Cobeen, Rob Cooper, Mike Imes, John Smallwood, Michael Swallop, Alex Wilson

First-place mentions: Mike Imes

the afterlife

“Born This Way” – Lady GaGa

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Richard Cobeen, Glen Hadwen, Tom Hull, Ioannis Sotirchos, Michael Tatum, Alex Wilson

First-place mentions: Tom Hull

born this way


8 mentions

“Till the World Ends” – Britney Spears

Voters: Joey Daniewicz, Josh Palmes, Nate Smith, Ioannis Sotirchos, Michael Tatum, Joe Yanosik

First-place mentions: Ioannis Sotirchos

Voters for Femme Fatale remix featuring Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha: Mitch Fujita, Tom Walker

till the world


9 mentions

“Super Bass” – Nicki Minaj

Voters: Kevin John Bozelka, Scott Coleman, Brad Luen, Ryan Maffei, Mark926, Christopher Monsen, Nate Smith, Ioannis Sotirchos, Dan Weiss

super bass


14 mentions

“American Wedding” – Frank Ocean

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Richard Cobeen, Scott Coleman, Rob Cooper, Jason Gubbels, Tom Hull, Mark926, David Schweitzer, John Smallwood, Nate Smith, Michael Tatum, Dan Weber, Jerry Withrow, Joe Yanosik

First-place mentions: Jacob Bailis, Scott Coleman, Rob Cooper, Mark926, Nate Smith, Michael Tatum


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