Top 22 Songs of 2013: Expert Witness Pazz & Jop

Robert Christgau’s now-defunct MSN blog, Expert Witness, had a comment section filled with some of the best music discussion I’ve come across.  Last year and the one before, I hosted a poll of commenters’ favorite albums and songs of the year.  Now, I’ve hosted a third poll there to find commenters’ favorite albums and songs of 2013.  Users voted for at most ten songs, with the songs ranked here by number of mentions.  Fifty-two ballots were cast (compared to last year’s 57 and 2011’s 51).  Listed are those who voted for each song and those who put them in their first place slots.

Click the pictures to listen to the songs!

4 mentions

“Thrift Shop” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Voters: Chris Hurst, Mark Razor
2012 voters: Glen Hadwen, Tom Walker
First-place mentions: Glen Hadwen, Tom Walker

thrift shop

“The Wire” – HAIM

Voters: Joey Daniewicz, Chris Hurst, Ryan Maffei, Matt Rice

the wire

“Pensacola” – Deerhunter

Voters: Erik Best, Glen Hadwen, Marc Lauria, John Speranza
First-place mentions: Erik Best, Marc Lauria


“Love Is a Bourgeois Construct” – Pet Shop Boys

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Blair Fraipoint, Jason Gubbels, Brad Luen

love is

“Full of Fire” – The Knife

Voters: David Cohen, Joey Daniewicz, Alfred Soto, John Speranza

full of fire

“Do You Know Who I Am? I’m %$&in Snooki!!” – The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band

Voters: David Cohen, John Smallwood, Michael Tatum, Joe Yanosik
First-place mentions: John Smallwood

hey hey


5 mentions

“Stripes” – Brandy Clark

Voters: Paul Albone, Jason Gubbels, Jon LaFollette, Matt Rice, John Smallwood


“Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” – Superchunk

Voters: Joey Daniewicz, Chris Hurst, Jon LaFollette, John Smallwood, John Speranza
First-place mentions: Joey Daniewicz

me you

“Closer” – Tegan & Sara

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Blair Fraipont, Jason Gubbels, Jon LaFollette, Michael Tatum
First-place mentions: Jon LaFollette


“Blowin’ Smoke” – Kacey Musgraves

Voters: Jacob Bailis, Jeff Callahan, Jason Gubbels, Tom Lane, Christopher Monsen


“#Beautiful” – Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel)

Voters: Joey Daniewicz, Jason Gubbels, Ryan Maffei, Matt Rice, Alfred Soto
First-place mentions: Alfred Soto



6 mentions

“Stoned & Starving” – Parquet Courts

Voters: Jeff Callahan, Peter Gorman, Jon LaFollette, Brad Morosan, John Speranza, Tom Walker
First-place mentions: Brad Morosan, Tom Walker


“Hush Hush” – Pistol Annies

Voters: Jason Gubbels, Zac Harmon, Chris Hurst, Jon LaFollette, Brad Luen, Michael Tatum

hush hush

“Black Skinhead” – Kanye West

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Jason Gubbels, Zac Harmon, Mark Rosen, Alfred Soto, John Speranza



7 mentions

“Ohm” – Yo La Tengo

Voters: Jeff Callahan, David Cohen, Peter Gorman, Zac Harmon, Paul Hayden, Mark Rosen, Dan Weiss
First-place mentions: Zac Harmon


“I Love It” – Icona Pop (ft. Charli XCX)

Voters: Joey Daniewicz, Mark Razor, Mark Rosen, Liam Smith
2012 voters: Nick Farruggia, Brad Luen, Markus Rauchenwald

i love it

“Follow Your Arrow” – Kacey Musgraves

Voters: Paul Albone, Jacob Bailis, Tom Lane, Jon LaFollette, Brad Morosan, John Smallwood, Joe Yanosik


“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke (ft. Pharrell & T.I.)

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Zac Harmon, Tom Lane, Mark Razor, Liam Smith
Voters for the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon version: Liam Smith
Voters for the Vampire Weekend cover: Kevin Bozelka



8 mentions

“Royals” – Lorde

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Joey Daniewicz, Jason Gubbels, Zac Harmon, Chris Hurst, Tom Lane, Mark Rosen, Michael Tatum
First-place mentions: Mark Rosen



10 mentions

“Delicate Cycle” – The Uncluded

Voters: David Cohen, Peter Gorman, Glen Hadwen, Mark Razor, Raul Roque, John Smallwood, Liam Smith, Michael Swallop, Rodney Taylor, Joe Yanosik
First-place mentions: Glen Hadwen, Rodney Taylor



11 mentions

“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell & T.I.)

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Chris Hurst, Tom Lane, Jon LaFollette, Nick Mussatti, Mark Razor, Raul Roque, Liam Smith, Nathan Smith, John Speranza, Rodney Taylor
First-place mentions: Tom Lane, Nick Mussatti, Liam Smith, John Speranza

get lucky


15 mentions

“Ya Hey” – Vampire Weekend

Voters: Chuck Bromley, Jeff Callahan, Joey Daniewicz, Peter Gorman, Glen Hadwen, Jon LaFollette, Marc Lauria, Brad Luen, Brad Morosan, Nick Mussatti, Mark Razor, Matt Rice, Raul Roque, John Smallwood, Joe Yanosik
First-place mentions: Chuck Bromley, Jeff Callahan

ya hey

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